Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (Ministry) decided to give the maximum effort to build adequate and effective social policies and legal framework in the field of foster care. Appreciating the need and the level of vulnerability of children, youth and adult populations in need for foster care, it is necessary to ensure maximum involvement of all relevant stakeholders in this process.

Working Group of Ministry, made by representatives of the authorities, institutions and NGOs, prepared a Preliminary draft of Public Policy on Forster Care in Federation of BiH. During a process, Working Group used modern methodological standards for development of public policies. This policy provided comprehensive view of the situation, objectives, assessment of potential effects, measures and proposals to the best solutions. The best solutions will serve as base to create an appropriate legislative framework in this area.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in cooperation with Project Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is financed by USAID, and Non-Governmental Organization Prava za sve and Hope and Homes for Children, was held a Public Consultations ╩║Presentation of Public Policy on Foster Care in FBiH╩║. First in a series of discussions was on 26th June in Sarajevo, Hotel Europe.