PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) is a civil society organization active in the field of human rights protection and advocacy aimed at creating a fair and democratic society based on human rights principles. Our organization requests government accountability for the protection and exercising human rights, seeks justice for victims of human rights violations; promotes equal opportunities for all, irrespective of any difference. Prava za sve has grown out of the international NGO Global Rights.

MISSION: We educate and advocate with the aim to make human rights real. We fight for the respect and advancement of human rights, and strive to strengthen the civil society.

VISION: An open society in which everyone enjoys equal rights in accordance with international and domestic human rights legislation and other instruments for protection of rights.

Throughout years of continuous work, the PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) have given a significant contribution to the improvement of the legislative framework for the protection of human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination in BiH. By establishing cooperation between civil society and decision-makers, we have also contributed to strengthening the voices of citizens and positioned ourselves as a strong actor in advocating for the necessary changes at the political and institutional level.

We have carried out numerous activities aimed at involving civil society organisations (CSOs) and strengthening women’s views and voices in the process of BiH’s accession to the European Union. This is particularly aimed at ensuring the integration of the principles of gender equality through laws and in practice, and strengthening the cooperation of civil society with the Delegation of the European Union to BiH. We regularly prepare Inputs to the European Commission’s reports and opinions on BiH in regard to respect for women’s rights and gender equality, as well as discrimination in BiH society, and coordinate the work of the Women Advocacy Group (WAG) which consists of CSOs from across the country. PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) is the only organization to have produced Alternative Answers to the European Commission Questionnaire from a women’s perspective; the only one that analyzed the BiH Coordination Mechanism of the European integration process and presented the way this complex institutional body works, as well as the only one that made a brief analysis of the Reform Agenda II.

PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) strives to strengthen the capacities of youth organizations and connects them with institutions and decision-makers, thus creating an environment for making the necessary changes and reforms. We believe that young people are key to the process of democratization of society, and education and inclusion of young people in dialogue with decision makers is the only right course of action.

From the very beginning, PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) has established and built bridges of cooperation between civil society and institutions, especially representatives of the legislature as directly elected representatives of citizens. Our modus operandi inludes: activist and social research; monitoring and reporting on human rights violations; developing of policy briefs and recommendations for changes in laws, policies and practices; organizing and conducting advocacy campaigns demanding legislative and policy reforms; developing and strengthening the skills and capacities of civil society organizations; establishing cooperation and dialogue with decision-makers through holding public hearings on key issues of human rights violations and problematizing various forms of discrimination.

While maintaining independence, PRAVA ZA SVE (Rights for All) cooperates with parliamentary committees and governments at all levels, international institutions and organizations, other CSOs, the media, etc.