Integration of the principles of gender equality into the EU accession process February 9, 2024 - Within the framework of the regional project that seeks to achieve the improvement of gender equality through process of European integration, we prepared the Assessment Report for BiH: “Integration of the principles of gender equality into the EU accession process”. The purpose of this report is to track and report on parts relevant for the […]
Panel discussion: “Alternative report of civil society organizations on the implementation of the Women’s Convention in BiH & Gender-based violence and the Istanbul Convention” December 4, 2023 - Everything must be done, from changing the law to ensuring its implementation, establishing a protocol and accountability system
The Regional Forum: Gender Equality in the EU Accession Brougt Gender Equality in the Center of the Political Debate September 25, 2023 - The Regional Forum: Gender Equality in the EU Accession, organized by the Coalition for Gender Equality in the EU Accession Process (EQUAPRO) took place on 12 September 2023, in Hotel Aleksandar Palace in Skopje, North Macedonia. The event brought gender equality in the center of the political debate related to the EU Accession Process and […]
Gender analyses: women’s participation in European integration and reform processes September 6, 2023 - Within the regional project “Furthering Gender Equality through the EU Accession Process”, we have created two significant gender analyses to point to the position of women in BiH in the process of European integration and their participation in important reform processes. Gender analysis “The representation of women in the leadership positions of public companies in […]
PANEL DISCUSSION: “Candidate Status of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Voice of Civil Society” January 10, 2023 - Only women are speaking today at the panel discussion: "We are creating a space for women's voices, women's knowledge, and women's views to be heard in public."
Women’s Advocacy Group Meeting with Ambassador Sattler September 12, 2022 - Participants of the meeting shared the importance of the connection of the European Union with all citizens who share European values in this tense political moment, since this support is of key importance for changes in society and the country's return to the European path. Women's CSOs have been strongly advocating for human's rights, democracy, peace and rule of law, and are the natural allies of the European Union on this path
Civil Society Organizations Begin the Process of Writing the Alternative CEDAW Report June 14, 2022 - It was emphasized that special attention should be paid to issues of Roma women, women in rural areas, women with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ persons, as well as other vulnerable groups
Women’s Advocacy Group meeting May 11, 2022 - WAG members exchanged information on women's political participation, realization of economic and social rights, problems in the healthcare sector, the increase of violence against women, difficult situation faced by Roma women, and the shrinking space for action of civil society organization
How are gender equality and EU accession process connected and how can we contribute to advancing gender equality? March 24, 2022 - In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the campaign is taking place in four other Western Balkans countries: North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro
30 grants awarded as part of the regional action “Furthering Gender Equality through the EU Accession Process” January 21, 2022 - The awarded projects, amounting up to 15.000 euros per grant, that will be implemented in the following 18 months, will tackle issues regarding gender equality, advancing the position of women in all segments of life

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The project is implemented by civil society organizations, namely the Association Prava za sve from Sarajevo in cooperation with its partner organization Budućnost from Modriča with the support of the European Union