Within the framework of the regional project that seeks to achieve the improvement of gender equality through process of European integration, we prepared the Assessment Report for BiH: “Integration of the principles of gender equality into the EU accession process”. The purpose of this report is to track and report on parts relevant for the EU accession process from a gender perspective.

After the presentation of the key findings and recommendations at the public promotion of the publication/report, representatives of the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of various states, institutions, and civil societies actively participated in the discussion.

“Reports on BiH’s path to the EU are not gender-sensitive and are written in diplomatic language without clearly labeling those responsible for undone work,” said the director of Rights for All, Diana Šehić, who presented the publication.

Assistant Director of the Directorate for European Integration in BiH Darija Ramljak clarified that the process
decision-making and reporting in the Coordination Mechanism in BiH is very complicated because everyone has to
approve everything: “While other countries in the region struggle to answer the questions of who, what and when, the main question for us is what we have a problem with.”
The representatives of the EU Delegation in BiH explained that the EC offices in Brussels and Sarajevo work together, and that they always submit information from the civil sector as part of reports on the progress of BiH, and that through various projects they create networks of non-governmental organizations that, unfortunately, do not continue to operate when projects end.
At the end of the event, all participants expressed their support for the inclusion of civil society in the process of European integration and expressed their interest in creating a follow-up report.