International standards, local laws and policies promoting equality between women and men. At the same time, women are not equal in the economy, politics, decision-making. Why is it like that? Our long-standing experiences in advocating women’s rights indicate significant influence of social attitudes, prejudices, stereotypes about women and their position in the family and society on gender inequality. How to change?

Rights for All and partner organization Be Active. Be Emancipated. (B.a.B.e), Zagreb, as part of a joint initiative of Education for Equality organized the 11.04.2015. conference aimed to discuss issues of influence of educational policies and practices on gender equality, as well as, to point, through recommendations, the possibilities and ways of integrating education for gender equality in BiH education system.

Recommendations will be distributed to all actors in the field of education and gender equality in BiH, and will be used in continuing our advocacy activities. Here you can find recommendations.