Alternative CEDAW Report: Report of CSO on Implementation of the Concluding Observations and Recommendations of CEDAW committee for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013-2017 was publicly presented in Sarajevo November 30, 2016. The Report are to be sent to the UN CEDAW Committee for consideration early next year. The Report is the result of joint work of more than 20 CSOs and coordinated by PRAVA ZA SVE and the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka.

Report findings show that violation of human rights and marginalization of women in social, economic and political life are systemic and continue in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BiH has not established and ensure systemic and efficient prevention of violence against women. Financial support to the Shelters for victims of domestic violence have not been secured. Women’s rights are not secured in access to justice and courts continue to impose low sentences for traffickers and perpetrators of violence against women.

Women are marginalized in politics and political parties continue to exclude women from policy and decision making processes. The reform and other processes are taking place beyond possibilities of women and women’s organizations to make any significant impact on it. There are concerning trend in planned reforms to transfer costs of family care, care for children, elderly, persons with disabilities, etc. to women.

BiH has made no progress towards ensuring continuous protection of marginalized groups of women, particularly internally displaced women, woman returnees, women in rural communities, elderly women, Roma women, women with disabilities, LBTI women, and women who are subjected to multiple forms of discrimination and violations of human rights.

This is the fourth alternative report, which analyses the key aspects of women’s rights violations and makes specific recommendations to government institutions at all levels for comprehensive protection of women’s human rights, calling for the law and policy implementation and, accountability of institutions for compliance with the Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women and BiH legislation, in particular Gender Equality Law. For more information, please find the Alternative Report in section Publications.