The annual meeting of the Women’s Advocacy Group (WAG) was held on April 27, 2021. WAG consists of women’s civil society organizations, student organizations and activists from across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting was used as an opportunity to present the results of the conducted monitoring of various aspects of women’s participation in the process of EU integration, with particular emphasis on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to finalize the comments for the upcoming progress report for Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2021.

The present group members discussed and exchanged information on women’s political participation, economic and social rights, problems in the education sector, the rise of violence against women, and the shrinking space for the work of civil society organizations. The civil society sector has continued their regular activities throughout the pandemic, along with the ones which were imposed by the crisis. “Women’s NGO sector has throughout the pandemic insisted on amendments of laws and harmonization of provisions according to international standards, and the pandemic has not stopped us in our advocacy efforts”, stated Duška Andrić from the Center of Women’s Rights Zenica.

It was concluded that the Women’s Advocacy Group will continue working on ensuring the inclusion of the voices and perspectives of women’s CSOs in the EU accession process, and creating a space for dialogue with relevant institutions and decision-makers. “Women’s CSOs are not recognized enough given their expertise, and it is necessary they are included in all decision-making processes”, stated Diana Šehić, Director of PRAVA ZA SVE.